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Hi!  Welcome to Mosaic Glass Creations.  I am Debbie Maier Jacknin.  I began creating stained-glass mosaics with my husband, Larry, in 2007.  A unique quality of our marriage was that we typically loved the same colors in nature. I believe that you will see this characteristic in our artwork.

In September 2013, Larry was diagnosed with ALS. The most important thing we tried to convey is that everyone in life faces challenges.  ALS was a tough diagnosis to receive but instead of focusing on the negative, we focused on what Larry could do. 


At the beginning of 2014, Larry stopped working as an engineer and project manager. We worked to make each day count.  We enjoyed each other's company, spent our time exploring, and turning what we saw and felt into works of art. When we were young, both of us wanted to be artists and now we had our chance.

Larry passed away February 23, 2016 and I miss him very much. Click here to read "Larry Bird Takes Flight" my reflections on my blog.

The process of creating stained-glass mosaics is meditative and I escape into my imagination, designing beautiful places and moments through my imagery.  I am pleased to still be able to create art. 

In our artwork, we try to reuse materials whenever possible often working  on old windows and discarded frames.  Our materials list include stones from our local stream beds as well as glass left over from stained glass artists.

Do have an idea, hobby or scene?

Are you looking for the perfect one-of-a-kind gift?

We would enjoy working with you to create a special and unique piece of art.

Our art can be viewed and purchased at Songbird Artistry: 4316 Penn ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15224


Contact me at (412)-427-5500 or at

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"We did not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children." -Anonymous

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