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There is nothing like catching a great wind and gliding across the water. We like to sail on Lake Arthur and appreciate when the sun starts to set and the sky is filled with lavender, red, yellow, and orange which reflect into the water. We captured the feel of summer days on the boat in these glass mosaics. If you put them in a window the sun will come through and you can almost feel the water glisten.


Love Will See You Through

$450.00  - 22x18, framed

The origional is for sale at Two Newts Gallery in Fort Myers.  Click here for more information

We were told of a parable about how everyone experiences hard times but the love of family and friends will see us through those hard times. 27 x 13, framed.

Click here to learn more about  the story behind this stained glass mosaic.

Detail from Love Will See You Through

Sunset Sail - Any Day You Want
The first sailboat mosaic was called, "Sunset Sail on a beautiful summer day.  But, we created this one during the winter while living as snowbirds in Florida, thus the name change.

This mosaic is for sale at Two Newts Gallery in Fort Myers, Florida, $450

This mosaic was featured in the August 2012, Pittsburgh Magazine article," 8 Things We Love"

Sunset Sail Lamp
We went whale and dolphin watching in San Diego and created this lamp in memory of a wonderful vacation.


Do you have a boat or other hobby? We create custom work and could create your boat on glass.

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