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Creation is often depicted with each day represented in a circle. We wanted to show creation as a building process where each day becomes better than the previous day with God and man completing the scene.


3 feet wide x 4 1/2 feet long, this is our interpretation of creation.


Day 1 - Separating light and dark

Day 2 - Separating sky and water

Day 3 - Land

Day 4 - Sun, moon, and stars

Day 5 - Animals

Day 6 and Day 7 - Man (or woman in this case) is shown as hands celebrating Sabbath / God's day of rest.





Here is something interesting that happened while creating "Creation"  We were having trouble getting the hands to look right. Our third attempt was to trace Debbie's hands and use them as a template. Larry has ALS which altered the appearance of his hands.  The hands on the mosaic look like Larry's hands.  We started with Debbie's hands and ended up with Larry's in the mosaic.


We enjoy doing custom work, including scenes for Churches, Temples, Mosques, and Synagogues. What is your vision? Let us create it for you in glass.

Tree of Life

Look closely at the Tree of Life mosaic, there are two sides to the trunk which represent giving and receiving. Larry has always been the type of person who likes to help others (give) especially as a father and husband. Because of his disease, he has had to learn to receive help for simple tasks such as taking money out of his wallet or buttoning a button. Larry has found that this brings out the best in others as most people are more than happy to help. The tree shows that you need to be able to give and receive to be in balance.  




Tree of Life with Doves

The trunk and you will see a drop of red which symbolizes a selfish part that is within most of us.   We believe that we are in balance when we keep that selfish/ self centered side to a minimum and instead focus on giving to others and appreciating when others give to us.  The glass base is slightly cracked representing how something that is not perfect can still be beautiful.  The two doves represent the love Larry and Debbie have for each other.

Tree of Life for Art All Night, Lawrenceville

Created on an old window, this verion was created at Art All Night with the help of the people who came there.  It was auctioned off with proceeds benefitting Art All Night.

A modern way to honor an age old Jewish tradition

"Surrounded by family and friends we affirm our commitment to each other husband and wife."


This is the ketubah that we created and signed on our wedding day.Our lives are forever intertwined as shown in this design of two rings that, while each one looks good by itself, together they are more beautiful. There are several symbols in this design that mean something to us. For example, Debbie's grandmother loved butterflies and her grandfather grew roses. They had both passed away before our marriage and this was our way of including them in our special day.


Do you have something that is meaningful in your relationship?

We could include it in a unique design created just for you.

Created in 4-12 weeks depending upon the complexity.

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