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Sun Shining on a Bright Sunny Day

The mosaic on the left is in a window with the sun shining through while the same mosaic is on the right and is not back-lit.

This is the first major piece I created by myself, a juxtaposition showing where woman have come from and contrasting that with where they have yet to go. My favorite art period is impression. Woman during that time had limited rights - unable to own property or vote. The woman’s parasol is reaching up trying to shatter the glass ceiling. Some of the “ceiling” comes up under the young lady encouraging her to educate herself and continue the work. The glass has started to shatter, but we have a way to go and so some of the “ceiling” remains whole. Women like myself have contributed to shattering the ceiling.

I lost my husband, I own my home and business. I am an artist. I persist.

She Persists
A Day At The Park
Gazebo by the Lake
Gazebo in the Park
Summer Trees
Fall Trees
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