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mandala wip.JPG

I was commissioned to make this stained-glass mosaic as a wedding present. I sent it with a card that included these words from the buyer: 

"In order to enhance your experiences in life, we selected the concept of wholeness through a “mandala”, a cosmic diagram to remind you of your relationship to infinity, extending beyond and within your bodies and minds. Embedded within the design of the mandala is the circular notion of the “heart chakra” that is intended to represents the love between the two of you. It is symbolic of the selfless love that speaks of “we” instead of “me.” Your love is further exemplified by the infusion of four hearts that are designed within the mandala, encompassing your oneness within the concept of the universe. But the separation of the hearts in the four corners of the design also strengthens the uniqueness you bring as individuals in the fusion of your separate spirits, keeping in mind that both of you are equally powerful and vulnerable. "

Heading 2

Close up of Heart

Work in Progress

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