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Songbird Artistry Cares

ALS Fundraiser in Loving Memory of Larry Jacknin

Hosted by Debbie Jacknin, Jacklyn Orefice, Jenny Orefice, & Songbird Artistry

4316 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA (across from Children's Hospital)

Nadine Oury, a high school student and resident of Franklin Park produced this video about amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and how a remarkable couple used art to cope with a devastating illness, finding the silver linings that rekindle our faith in humanity.

Debbie Jacknin is very grateful to the ALS Association for their assistance. For more information, or to make donations, please see: For more information on Songbird Artistry or Mosaic Glass Creations, please see:  or contact Debbie 412-427-5500 or

Thank you to everyone who supported our November 19, fundraiser featuring:

*A short documentary based on the art and philosophies of Debbie and Larry Jacknin

*Shop for a cause, 20% off all sales donated to ALS Association Western PA Chapter

*Refreshments and beverages

*Cello music by Sameer Apte, a CMU student

*Silent and Chinese Auction

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Tree of Life

Larry Jacknin conceived of the Tree of Life stained glass mosaic and his wife, Debbie Jacknin created this one for the fundraiser. Larry was a very giving person. Due to ALS, he had to learn to receive help which was difficult at first.  He appreciated everything people did for him and he found this brought out the best in others thus renewing his faith in people.

The trunk of the Tree of Life is divided into two parts with one side representing giving and the other side representing receiving.  Larry and Debbie believe we are in balance when we are able to both give and receive help. There is a drop of red in the heart of the trunk which represents selfishness. We all have times where we want life to be about our, this reminds us that is OK to feel that way sometimes, but we do not want that side of ourselves to dominate. The butterfly represents Larry looking down on us.  His daughter, Gabrielle is pregnant with his first grandson and the bird represents the next generation making this truly a Tree of Life.

Why are we doing a fundraiser for the ALS Association Western PA chapter?

I remember the day Larry came back from the Hospital. He had been there for a week and had been given an AVAPS machine to help him breath and was considering going back for a feeding tube.  He was tired, weak, and wanted to take a shower but standing would be difficult.  I called the ALS association and within two hours they were at our house with a shower seat.  They realized we were tired and suggested they come back in a few days so they could over over all the services and help they could provide us.  Over the next two years they loaned us equipment such as ramps and toilet seats, gave us a respite grant, and sent a nurse to our home to help improve my care-giving skills. The ladies at the ALS association truly care and helped us navigate life with ALS.

ALS is a tough diagnosis to receive. There is no cure  and it affects everyone differently. Some lose the ability to talk, eat, swallow, walk, or use their hands. Your donation also helps fund research so that one day a mother, wife, husband, son, daughter, brother, or sister will hear, "your loved one has ALS and here is what can be done."

For more information contact Debbie 412-427-5500 or

Songbird Artistry 4316 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15224

(across from Children's Hospital)

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