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StepTrek 2013, South Side Slopes

Pittsburgh, PA 


We were honored when asked to create a stained glass mosaic for Pittsburgh's annual StepTrek of the South Side Slopes.  Pittsburgh is known for its three rivers and fantastic views, but we had never been to this interesting part of the city before.  The views were amazing and we began our work by taking over 100 pictures in the neighborhood. Then, we went to Construction Junction and found an awesome, old 28 1/4 inch wide by 36 inch high window, just like one from an old house on the hill. 


On the day of the event, Larry walked the "gold route."  We learned that Pittsburgh has more steps than any other city in the US.


This was a fun project for us and we enjoyed creating the artwork for the event. The mosaic was sold but prints and cards are available for purchase.  

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