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  • Debbie Maier Jacknin

Becoming Artists

When Larry was young, a friend asked him, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" "An artist," Larry responded. The well meaning friend told Larry that a man needs to be able to support a family and that is hard to do as an artist.

Larry took these words to heart and went to school for engineering and in his 50's he went back for his MBA.

Debbie loved art too but lacked confidence in her artst ability to persue a career using her talent. Her father suggested Management and that is the path she chose.

Early in our relationship, Larry and Debbie discovered their mutual love of art and found that we enjoy working on a picture together. We share a similar design and color aesthetic but often debate on design. For example, Debbie wanted to create a lilly pad pond with a weeping willow tree. When the design was almost done Larry said the picture needed a bench. Debbie said, "A bench is not in my head." Larry responded, "A bench is in my head, try it." We both agree the mosaic is better with the bench.

Life often throws us a curve ball. Larry just turned 60 and Debbie is 54 and we both eexpected to be working our career paths. Larry's ALS took us in another direction. We spend some time every day creating our art and enjoying our time together. We both wanted to be artists when when were younger, and now we are!

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