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Sail, Sale Away

Update, summer 2016, AKA Captain Debbie. We were unable to sell the sail boat and I decided to keep it. I used to be the "crew", the person who raised and lowered the sails, dropped the anchor, jumped from the boat to the dock and back again. But once we were sailing, I relaxed. Larry got the boat in and out of the slip and steered around the lake. It was Larry's idea to get the boat and I enjoyed it very much. I decided it was something I still wanted to do and I figured if Larry could do it, so could I. With the help of friends, we got the boat in the water and spent the summer sailing. The boat didn't always go where I wanted it to go, but as the summer wore on I got better. Our boat is named Sinbad. He is a fictional sailor described as someone who had fantastic adventures.

Original post - Today we put our sailboat up for sale.

Early in our relationship, Larry bought a sunfish. Larry was so excited to get it into the water but on the day we were supposed to put it in the water it looked like it was going to rain. I suggested that we might want to wait for another day, but like a child with a new toy, he wanted to go anyway. As we were driving there it started to rain. Larry said they were just puddles coming up from the road. We didn't get to sail that day. But that didn't matter. We had fun getting there.

We docked our boat at Moraine State Park where we had many great adventures. Located about 40 minutes from our house we started to feel relaxed as soon as we saw the water peak through the trees.

Year two. Our first time out on the water. Again, rain., but that didn't stop us. While out on the lake, we noticed that the boat was taking in water. A sunfish does not have a motor, so we grabbed the paddles and and paddled as fast as we could. All of a sudden, we saw lightening. No one really wants to be in the middle of a lake during a storm. We paddled fast. Really fast. Really, really fast. Did I mention that the boat was taking in water? The special seat we bought to support our back fell in the water. Larry suggested we go back and get it. I said no. I don't win every argument. but I won that one.

A man was at the dock. He saw us and helped pull the boat out of the water. He noted that he was surprised to see a boat still in the water. That day we made a new friend. He was an experienced boater who helped us figure out where our leak was coming from and helped us fix it.

After a few years of enjoying the sunfish, we decided to get a larger boat and bought this Macgregor 24. The boat was great, but not the engine. We got stuck in lily pads and had to be towed out.

We enjoyed swimming.

And fishing.

But most of all we enjoyed our time spent with family, friends, and each other. It was not an easy decision to sell the boat but the time has come. There are things ALS makes impossible.

We will continue to create our art, enjoy each others company and treasure our time with each other, our family, and our friends.

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