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She Persists - We Persist, the Next Chapter

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

I talked to a close friend from college who told me her "me too" story. We have been friends for over 40 years and only recently did she share her experience. Why didn't she tell me before?

The more women I talk with the more stories I hear. Another friend told me her story from many years ago. She spoke up about being harassed and her boss did not support her saying that the man was a client. She removed herself from that account but she felt it hurt her career. A few years ago her niece was being harassed and part of the advice given was: if you speak up be aware of how it may hurt your career. We are not women in the media or entertainment women. We are your mothers, your sisters, and your daughters.

Let's talk. Let's share. Add your story in the comments, I'd like to hear your story.

This is the second in my She Persists series, called She Persists: Powerful Women, which is a juxtaposition of where women have come from, where we are, and what we have yet to accomplish.

I think you will find the story of her creation to be interesting.

I spent a lovely week at a polymer clay retreat. I decided it was time to have another woman attempt to break this glass ceiling and this time she would be formed from clay. I put her in the oven and (as with many of our plans) I had one idea while fate had another.

She began as a women who had a skin tones similar to mine, but I burned her in the oven so she came out with very dark skin, and black hair & parasol handle. My first reaction was, what did I do? Several people looked at her and said they liked what they saw. I looked again and decided she was meant to be that color. If we are to have open discussions about our "me too" moments and hope to shatter the glass ceiling we ALL need to be part of the conversation.

I finished her at the retreat. Later, I glued her onto an old microwave plate, added stained-glass and more polymer clay to create the path. Look closely at her arm and you will see the word possibilities, we are working hard to break that glass ceiling. Who is with me?

Please tell me your story and share this with your friends.

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