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She Persists

Origional created by Debbie


Click here to read the blog post describing this stained glass mosaic. 


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Glass Mosaics are a cross between stained glass and mosaics.  They are created the way you would create a mosaic gluing glass onto glass and then grouting.  We use a glass substrate so when hung in a window, the sun will come through creating a beautiful piece of art.

Tree of Life, Reflection

This was the final series Larry and I created together.  We spent much of our time during our last winter in Florida reflecting upon religion, death, and dying. We reflected on our lives.  We reflected on how we treated others and how others treated us.

Click here to read my blog called "Larry Bird Takes Flight."

$75 framed 23 x 19 giclee print 

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Fall Barn.jpg

Fall Day in the Country

$750.00* Sold


We Will Cross That Covered Bridge

When We Get There

Click here to read the blog about this piece.


$395* Sold. I do custom orders contact me at or 412-427-5500.

*Price does not include cost to ship. 

We can deliver within 3 hours of Pittsburgh.

Call 412-427-5500 or for quote to mail. for quote to mail mosaic or prints and cards outside the US

Cost to mail stained glass mosaics is based on weight, size, and area mailed.

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