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Back of Tree of Life card



There are many symbols  in the  Tree of Life  mosaic.


The trunk is divided into two sides representing giving and receiving. Larry Jacknin, a father and husband, has always been the type of person who helps others (give).  He has ALS and has had to learn to receive help for simple tasks such as taking money out of his wallet or buttoning buttons. Larry found this brings out the best in others as most people are more than happy to help. There is a drop of red in the heart of the trunk which represents selfishness and self-centeredness.  


Larry, and his wife Debbie, believe we are in balance when we keep that selfish, self centered side to a minimum and instead focus on giving to others and appreciating when others give to us.  The glass base in the mosaic is slightly cracked representing how something that is not perfect can still be beautiful.  The doves symbolize the love Larry and Debbie have for each other.


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