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We Persist!

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

I am honored that She Persists: Powerful Women was featured in Polymer Clay Daily's blog. 

Third in a series, the first piece, She Persists: Power of Knowledge, shows a woman attempting to break through the glass ceiling. I left part of the ceiling whole because as women, we still have a way to go.  The glass is beginning to shatter representing the strides we have made.  The torch is being passed to the next generation. Look at the water, you will see a portion of the shattered glass going under the young girl, encouraging her to educate herself and continue the fight. 

She Persists: Powerful Women began as an attempt to recreate the first piece in polymer clay.  I started with a woman who looked like me but I put the clay too close to the top of the oven and she became a rich, beautiful, brown color.  I believe she was meant to be exactly that way.  I was reminded we will never shatter the glass ceiling unless women of color are treated equally and fairly.  

“Indigenous women have had a political voice in their nation long before white settlers arrived.”1

I left the glass ceiling out of She Persists: Women in Power because the Native American woman was already a leader in her community. Look closely and you will see seven mirrors in each of the rivers. A friend of mine, Kelli, is a Khoyie Goo and Chahta (Kiowa and Choctaw).  She taught me many indigenous nations honor seven generations.  Counting their own generation, they are likely to know three generations before and three generations after and are accountable to all seven of them.

I am mother and a grandmother.  My mother is still alive, and I was fortunate to know my father and grandparents who have passed on.  I believe I am accountable to the seven generations. I want my actions to honor my ancestors and I want to leave the this world a better place for the future generations. 

I know leadership is important and I also know leaders come and go.  Movements can continue, humanity continues.  The world can and must do better.

I still believe one person can make a difference.  We all persist.

She Persists is available in shirts, onesies, bibs, coasters and masks available at and Songbird Artistry. 436 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15224.

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  1. Indian Country Today

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Click here to purchase She Persists coasters, cards, shirts, masks, onesies, and shirts

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