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  • Debbie Maier Jacknin

Bee Kind

I'd like to share the story about why I created Bee Kind. Lately, I have been frustrated by how people treat each other. I understand having different views and opinions, but why do we have to be so unkind in our dealings with each other? When I was raising my children and we would argue my step father would tell us, "be kind to each other". He didn't tell us we had to agree, he just told us to be kind as we discuss or debate.

I asked my friend Alyssa if I could make a "Bee Kind" stained glass mosaic for her shop, Pittsburgh Honey. What better place for "Bee Kind" than shop that sells items made from bees? It took me a few months to create this piece as I had other projects I had to work on too. It was done and I planned on grouting it the week after the hate crime shooting at Tree of Life on October 27, 2018. I live in Pittsburgh and I have friends who are members of Tree of Life and the other congregations which meet there. Pittsburgh Honey is located in Squirrel Hill. "Bee Kind" took on a new meeting after the shooting.

The week after the shooting I was set up at an art show and I noticed I was surrounded by three of pieces of art, "Love Will See You Through", "Bee Kind", and "Tree of Life."

My plea to all of you reading this is remember, we don't have to agree, but let's Bee Kind.

If you are in Squirrel Hill you can stop in at Pittsburgh Honey at 2327 Murray Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15217 and see the "Bee Kind" for yourself. Alyssa and her father are bee keepers and there is an amazing photo of her covered with bees. I also choose Pittsburgh Honey because I really like their products. We carry them at Songbird Artistry, 4316 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15224 and on line at

"Bee Kind", "Tree of Life" and "Love Will See You Through are available for sale. Contact Debbie at 412-427-5500 or

Coaster with the three images are available 4 for $20.00. Click here to purchase.

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